Picture of Piping at the California ISO Headquarters in Folsom in 2011

But First, What is Building Commissioning and Why Do I Need It?

Commissioning is an essential part of the building and quality assurance process to ensure the client receives a completed project that functions according to the design intent. Today’s high-performance building standards require expert planning and coordination to achieve this success. Your facilities are comprised of both static systems (envelope and structure) and dynamic systems (HVAC, MEP, lighting, fire alarm, emergency power, elevators, security, building energy management systems).Our experience has taught us that to focus commissioning merely on HVAC and MEP systems ignoring the integration of other systems (building envelope, low voltage, and security) can short change building optimization and functionality, and leave potential for occupant and maintenance and operations issues in the future. Therefore, when recommending which building systems to commission, our primary considerations are driven by the impacts of any given system on the performance of the building as a whole.As your Commissioning Agent (CxA), it is our responsibility to work in collaboration with your team to build a quality, high-performing environment ready for tenants to continue with your sustainable vision for the property. Our commissioning process is an organized, systematic approach based on ASHRAE, BCxA and ACG best practices and our own project management background.  It not only complies with Title 24 and adds credits to LEED but also delivers continuous improvement throughout the life of the project and ensures that you receive a completed facility that functions according to your original intent and high-performance criteria and standards. We will develop a commissioning plan that outlines the quality expectations for each team member with updates during each phase of the project to help them succeed.Delivering competent, responsive Cx services seamlessly within the construction schedule/budget, providing complete progress and close-out documentation, and doing so in a cooperative and collaborative manner is what we’re good at. The true value we bring is dollar savings and facilities that perform as designed. In our experience, we have found that the commissioning services we provide pay for themselves many times over during the course of the project. We achieve this through an approach based on collaboration, strong project management skills and the technical know how to get the job done and help the entire team succeed.