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Who Are We?

3QC is a product of our Principal’s 30 year passion for excellence and quality in building design, construction and operations. Our teams’ goal is to provide environmental and functional integration of building systems and components ensuring they perform as designed, operate efficiently, and result in a comfortable and productive facility. We are a team of knowledgeable, seasoned professionals who have the hands-on experience to guide project quality while mitigating impact to the budget, schedule and the environment.


James Becker

James Becker is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over 24 years of project and construction management experience. His comprehensive experience in the construction industry includes project and facility planning, construction and project management, design review, value engineering, scheduling, construction estimating, claims analysis, and building commissioning. His qualifications include many professional licenses and certificates including certification as a Commissioning Process Authority Provider and Green Commissioning Process Provider certified through the University of Wisconsin and LEED® Accredited Professional. Focusing on total building commissioning and quality assurance programs for the last 10 years, James has provided commissioning services and managed commissioning teams on a variety of projects including supervising the commissioning process on nearly $1 billion worth of construction work for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Italy, Spain, and the Azores. James offers our clients the expertise of LEED® building commissioning services including the development and execution of commissioning plans for varied levels of certification, design review, training for mechanical systems testing, and training of maintenance and operations staff. He is highly experienced in the management of the construction processes and endeavors to be a collaborative part of a project where all team members are successful in the completion of a functional facility designed and constructed as the owner intended.


Jim Ogden

Jim Ogden has over 25 years of experience focused on the environmental design, construction and management of facilities for public and private sector clients, both domestic and abroad. He has dedicated his career to building a more sustainable world and received his first LEED® accreditation in September 2002. Since that time, he has served on a wide variety of projects where he has been responsible for various stages of LEED® certification utilizing LEED® NC, LEED® CI, LEED® CS, LEED® EB and LEED® S, as well as other benchmark systems including CHPS and LABS 21. Having this depth of experience and his continuous commitment to contributing to the green building industry, Jim was distinguished as a LEED® Fellow in 2011. Jim is also certified as a Quality Commissioning Provider through the University of Wisconsin Madison. His expertise and outstanding commitment to sharing what he has learned with the community at large is exemplified by his participation in speaking engagements at industry conferences, contributions to publications focused on sustainability, commissioning and resource efficiency, and his service on many green building committees and standards development. He is currently serving as the Chair of CHPS Board and Technical Committee, is an advisor to the California Division of State Architect where he participated in the development of the new CalGreen Building Code and was a founding member of the California Sustainable Building Task Force.