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Bringing a building project from conception to completion is a complex and complicated process requiring a team effort focused on quality and collaboration. 3QC is a team of design and construction technical experts who understand that challenges are best resolved by the entire team through a collaborative and thoughtful approach. Our services focus on our client’s requirements through quality processes that support the entire project team. We take a solutions based approach to our projects and identify the client’s requirements early so that we can help the whole team along the quality process. We know that the success of any project is based on the entire team’s ability to work together to meet the client’s goals. No matter which quality service we are providing to your project you can be confident that we will strive to make the entire team successful.



Commissioning is a quality assurance process intended to ensure that the owner receives a completed project that functions according to the expected intent. Today’s high performance building standards require expert planning and coordination to achieve this success. Indoor air quality, energy efficiency, system functional integrity and low voltage technology requirements demand a systematic quality assurance process. Our commissioning process is an organized, systematic approach that delivers continuous improvement throughout the life of the project and ensures that the owner receives a completed project that functions according to the original intent. Although our process is based upon the industry standard developed by ASHRAE, we use our tremendous experience and technical expertise to meet the project specific quality requirements. Whether it’s new building commissioning, existing building re-commissioning or the retro-commissioning of old building systems, we know how to tune the building systems for optimum performance and maximum efficiency.


Energy Audits & Monitoring

3QC is a company of building experts. We understand how buildings are designed, constructed and operated. This knowledge gives us a great advantage in understanding a building’s energy usage and how to implement energy conservation measures that work for the operations staff and occupants. Studies by the USGBC® indicate that existing buildings use a majority of the energy produced in the United States. The older the facility, the more energy we can save our clients. Using a simple energy auditing process and the implementation of low cost energy conservation measures we can typically save our clients 15% – 20% off their energy bills.

Additionally we help our clients measure and monitor their utility usage to ensure that they continue to meet their energy goals. We understand how to keep the energy bill down and identify when major building equipment fail to operate correctly.



Sustainability or Green Building can be considered the moral conscience of architecture. Good design not only consists of what is included in a project, but also what is not. Our specialty is navigating our clients, designers and building teams through the green building process with a seamless and integrated methodology that is both efficient and collaborative. We are sustainability specialists with a practitioner’s knowledge of how the design and construction process affects the environments we live and move about in — from indoor air quality to our neighborhoods and to the earth itself. As green “navigators” we represent our client’s interests and environmental vision without bias since we neither design the facility nor profit from the construction contract. Our approach to every Green Building project is organized, efficient, and goal oriented. We are members of the USGBC® and are familiar with the certification process for both new construction and existing buildings.


Security & Vulnerability

In providing a variety of quality assurance services to public sector clients, we have witnessed a common thread develop – an increased demand and urgency to upgrade, improve and expand security for their facilities. As a result, security and vulnerability services were a natural addition to our professional services. Security and vulnerability includes security systems design, security performance, and security management. Our team of security consultants brings expertise in security assessments, with a quality assurance and documentation process that provides our clients with a document reliability and confidence second to none in the industry. Creating processes that keep your organization running smoothly and in some cases having to implement government mandates are keys in ensuring a balanced security plan. Our goal is to provide the highest level of technical services to our clients, helping them to achieve the functional performance and security of their facilities that’s required to meet the challenges of today’s service providers and public servants.



Thermographic study is a process that supports the inspection and commissioning of both new and existing facilities as well as post construction forensic analysis of building defects. Using a Flir Systems infrared camera, 3QC’s certified technical staff perform non-destructive testing of major building systems to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of those systems. Building structures and building envelopes can be evaluated to avoid heat sinks and maintain energy efficiency. Mechanical and electrical equipment can be tested without major system disruption to enhance maintenance and catastrophic failure prevention. Thermographic applications not only include building envelope testing during the construction phase and HVAC systems testing during the project commissioning phase, but also include moisture penetration and heat loss detection in existing buildings. Additionally, thermography works well for numerous building diagnostics including predictive maintenance of equipment, roofing moisture penetration, electrical system deficiency detection and building insulation failure.